City company part of wind turbine project

A Peterborough-based company is involved in an estimated $45-million project to build as many as 12 wind turbines in Prince Edward County.

Gilead Power Corp. held a public consultation meeting in Milford on Thursday as part of the development process for the project.

Gilead Power will develop, own and operate the wind farm.

This will probably be the first Gilead Power project to become operational since the company was established in 2004, said Paul Pede, president of Gilead Power.

“This is actually our keystone project," he told The Examiner in a telephone interview from Prince Edward County.

The Peterborough-based company has five employees.

Gilead Power is a renewable energy development company. Its projects will convert wind, biomass and hydro resources into clean energy.

The company has more than 1,700 megawatts of clean energy under development, including five wind energy projects and three biomass projects.

Gilead Power doesn't build turbines, Pede explained.

“We develop projects and purchase turbines from different manufacturers," he said.

Turbines for the wind farm at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County, south of Belleville, will likely be manufactured in Europe or the United States, Pede said.

Wind turbines in Ontario are 78-80 metres tall, with each turbine blade being roughly 42 metres long, Pede said.

The proposed project for Ostrander Point would generate 20 megawatts.

“We’re getting very positive feedback. There are people who always have concerns and questions about this type of project. Wind facilities are new to Ontario," Pede said.

“Wind is probably going to be the biggest component to the province's commitment to renewable energies."

Pending approvals, the Ostrander Point wind energy project would be connected to the provincial electricity grid.

Construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2009 and the Ostrander Point project is set to start churning out power in 2010.

The company started environmental studies and surveys in spring 2006. An environmental screening report is scheduled to be completed in April.