Native Energy Designates Focus the Nation Wind Turbine


NativeEnergy, a leading international marketer of high quality carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs), announced today that with the support of the national teach-in Focus the Nation, a new 35 kW wind turbine project is actively operating on an American family farm. As a result, this single 50 ft. turbine on the Williamson family farm in Minnesota has been exclusively designated as the"Focus the Nation Wind Turbine."

"Through the support of initiatives such as this, our new renewable energy projects across the country not only continue to be constructed, but continue to thrive," says Tom Boucher,President and CEO of NativeEnergy. "This type of support has a direct benefit for both our environment and at-risk communities. We value this and so find it important to recognize organizations and companies whose support is fundamental to making specific, high-quality renewable energy projects a reality and bringing about the positive change we need to see."

Motivating the country to further explore global warming solutions, Focus the Nation supports Native Energy's efforts to help build and maintain new renewable energy projects through the purchase of their expected long-term carbon offsets output.

With NativeEnergy's commitment to invest in projects that not only have a positive impact on the planet but incorporate social values as well, this collaboration is well aligned with Focus the Nation's dedication to civic engagement.

"Native Energy is pioneering the kind of solutions that science and justice demand",said Eban Goodstein, Focus the Nation director. "They are showing how the clean energy revolution can both stabilize the climate, and be an engine of sustainable economic development for rural communities."

This strong commitment to both education and the environment is also shared by the Williamson family, owners of the 2,000 acre farm where the 50 ft. Focus the Nation turbine now stands. As Minnesotan crop and livestock farmers, the Williamsons have been stewards of the land for generations, and agreed enthusiastically to the dedication of their turbine as the Focus the Nation Wind Turbine. Consistently demonstrating the utmost respect for the Earth, the Williamson family was recognized in 2006 by Rock County Minnesota as the Conservation Family of the Year. Now today, from generating renewable energy with theiron-farm wind turbine to advancing the nation understanding of climate change, the Williamsons are proud to be involved in this historic initiative.

Focus the Nation is an unprecedented educational initiative on global warming solutions for America occurring at more than 1,400 universities and colleges and in all 50 states on Jan. 31, 2008. As the largest teach-in in U.S. history, Focus The Nation is preparing millions of students to become leaders in the largest civilizational challenge any generation has faced.

NativeEnergy offers organizations and individuals a means to compensate for their global warming pollution and effectively power their businesses and homes with renewable energy. Offering RECs and offsets from a variety of operating projects across America, NativeEnergy has a direct relationship with the family farmers and Native American villages where the projects are located. Through its novel approach of bringing upfront payment to renewable projects for the estimated future carbon offsets, NativeEnergy enables its clients to help directly finance the construction of specific new wind farms and other renewable energy projects. NativeEnergy has become the trusted choice of many leading environmentally and socially responsible businesses and organizations.