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PV Combiner Box

PV Combiner Box



In the solar photovoltaic system, solar photovoltaic arrays to reduce the connection between the inverter, according to the characteristics of PV systems, Tress technology developed independently the SRM-S Solar Junction Box(namely PV combiner box), with the PV inverter products company to match the composition of the complete PV system solutions, which greatly simplify  the wiring process, while inverter can operate under protection.

Solar Junction Box  for the collection of solar photovoltaic array outputs the DC current, the user can connect a number, the same specifications of PV panels in series to form a photovoltaic array, and then a number of PV arrays connected in parallel to the SRMS series combiner box, after then, the output comes through the DC circuit breaker, and photovoltaic inverter (SRMS series inverter with) supporting the use of , so as to constitute a complete photovoltaic power generation system, realization and power the grid.

Product Features

Simultaneous access to multiple photovoltaic arrays; each channel current up to 10A; to meet the needs of different users.

With reliable, lighting and surge protection, solar photovoltaic DC high voltage lighting protection    device, all with positive doubt negative lightning protection function.

Wide range DC voltage input; DC high voltage circuit breaker with professional pressure range of 200~900Vdc, safe and reliable.

6 groups can simultaneously access PV array.

The port has a water resistant.

DC with high voltage fuses and circuit breakers were two security devices.

Each array can be optional current monitoring on each channel of the current measurement and monitoring.

Wall structure with outdoor rain shell protection grade to IP65, to meet the application requirements for outdoor installation.

Installation and maintenance simple, convenient, long service life.

                                   Product Features         

Technique data
Model  1kw,2kw,3kw,4kw 5kw;6kw;7kw 8kw;10kw;12kw
Maximum input arrays  6
Input voltage range 200~900Vdc
Fuse rating  900Vdc;    current is optional
Protection degree IP65
Weight 1.4kg 1.9kg 3.5kg
Dimension (W*H*D)    215*215*105mm    245*245*115mm    325*325*165mm


Model Solar Junction Box / PV Combiner Box