10KW Wind Generator              
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       10kw wind turbine
Main Parameter
     7.0m ( 23 ft)
  BLADE NUMBER      3pcs
CUT IN SPEED      3m/s(6.7mph)
  RATED IN SPEED       10m/s (17.8mph)
 MAX. WIND SPEED 50m/s( 111mph)
SWEPT AREA      38.5m2
VOLTAGE OUTPUT   240v/360vdc-110/220v/380vac at 50/60hz
TOWER-UP WEIGHT 890kg (1962lb)
GENERATOR     Permanent-magnets ;3 phases; AC
BLADES      Polyester resin reinforced with fiber glass
CONTROLLER On-grid,off-grid, water pumping or hybrid system
INVERTER      Efficiency ≈97%; Algorithm MPPT
TOWER    12,15,18m(39,49,59 ft ) ; Free stand tower, Hydraulic tower
TYPE     Up-wind horizontal rotor
SPEED REGULATION     Electromagnetic brake +Yawing
STOP METHOD      Electromagnetic brake
NOISE 44db from 60m with a wind speed of 8m/s(65yd and 17.8mph)
ANNUAL PRODUCTION     12000-30000kwh at 5-7m/s(11.2-15.7mph)
CO2 SAVED 7800-19500kg(17196-42989lb)
ANTICORROSION PROTECTION    Sealed design + e-coat + anodizing + UV resistant paint
DESIGN      According to EN61400-2
BATTERY   12v150AH X40pcs (Off-grid type )

   Water pump ,
   Electric fan,

Product Feature           

1.  Direct-drive permanent generator ,adopting the strong magnetic material: the overload   capacity can reach 2 times than others.

  2.  Startup wind speed is 3m/s, its perfectly and safely to operate with lower wind speed.

 3. Safe wind speed is below 50m/s

 4. Rotor blades passed National Wind Tunnel Testing and are handmade with Mold, the  structure are up to par of Aerodynamic standards. Has latest airscrew technology .with high efficiency and lower noise .

 5. An adapted universal connection between the wind rotor and generator to make wind turbine operate smoothly and without vibration.

 6. Closed transmission slip ring ,avoid cable enwind together.

 7. The principle behind the design of our wind turbine is simple and Maintenance-free

 8. There are many kinds of Brake systems protect wind turbine safely when the wind     speed over rated wind speed.

 9. Lsobarically directly-current electrification

 10.Lever free standing tower ,easy to install ,rise and fall.

 11.Through corrosion treatment, the wind generators for land use are protected against   wind and sand ,the wind generators for sea beach use are protected against salt ,fog and damp.


                    Wind Generator Typical Application
                                                Off-grid  Wind Generator System
Wind generator off-grid power system consists of wind turbine generators, microprocessor controller, battery and inverter.

 It is most used in off electric area which away the public power network and some special places, such as outlying country, a pasturing area, island, plateau and the fish man in desert area.

It provides the basic life electric for these places, such as lighting, watching TV, broadcasting, etc.   And also provides power for communication relay station, the navigation mark of coast and inland, weather power station, frontier defense sentry, hydrographic monitoring, etc.

             Wind Turbine Off-grid System


                                               On-grid  Wind Generator System
Wind turbine on-grid power system consists of wind turbine generators, a        system controller and inverter.

Wind turbine will produce unsteady-AC(Alternating Current) electricity, and this electricity will be run though the converter and inverter to produce requirement AC (Alternating Current) electricity. Then this energy is run into AC power panel back to the utility companies’ power grid.

As on-grid wind turbine generator system enjoys the advantages of battery-free and low cost, this can make the system operation life longer. It also can remote monitoring during the operating. It has been become the main stream in wind power generation.

The system brings benefits of pollution reduction, energy conservation and environment protection, all of which make remarkable social values.

               Wind Turbine On-grid System



10KW Wind Turbine Power Curve
Model SRMW-10000W